January 20, 2017

Get your personal profiling done

'Extended DISC' – is the most highly sophisticated and advanced profiling tool. Extended DISC is a suite of online assessment tools that provide you with the information to maximize your performance, Eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources.
DISC assessments measures an individual's personality and behaviour. The assessment tools measure who we really are, how we go about the day, and the behaviour that are most comfortable and natural to us
It helps you understand yourself and others around you. And make suitable changes in our lives to perform better.
DISC Stands for -
Dominance - Person places emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line, confidence
Influence - Person places emphasis on influencing or persuading others, openness, relationships
Steadiness - Person places emphasis on cooperation, sincerity, dependability
Benefits of Extended DISC
Compliance - Person places emphasis on quality and accuracy, expertise, competency
Benefits of Extended DISC -
·      Enhanced communication
·      Better management decisions
·      Better business plans
·      Better results
·      Extended DISC profiles measure stress level, uncertainty about role, insecurity, frustration, and pressure to change.
·      Extended DISC profiles define the influence of the present environment on the person's motivation as far as certain needs are concerned.
·      It Develops Individuals and Teams
·      It is Cost Effective and simple to use

Brigadier Sushil Bhasin is a Certified Extended Disc Administrator and Analyst. He uses this profiling tool in helping you understand yourself and others you deal with better. This results in building and maintain effective interpersonal relationships. It also results in high productivity leaving more time for doing what you like to and do not find time for it.

In simple terms, it is a simple tool to enhance your effectiveness and lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

If you are interested in enhancing your personal or team effectiveness please contact us at Sharon@BrigSushilBhasin.com

January 02, 2017

Design Your Life - an overview


It is the soldier in Brigadier Sushil Bhasin that inspired him to write this book. He is primarily addressing young men and women engaged in academic pursuits before they join the work stream. However, the powerful insights he shares so generously can be used by anyone faced with tough personal, professional and social choices in life. He lets us know that our choice of career decides how we spend most of our time, the sort of people we are surrounded with and even our ability to raise and nurture our families.  

This is a book of counselling for the young, their parents and teachers, and for those who may discover that they have landed in professions they are not cut out for. Brigadier Bhasin says it is possible to create a life that is so suited to one's unique self that it appears to be custom designed. Such a life is possible and the techniques required for achieving this end have been made available to all in the pages of this book.  

However, is merely understanding how to make it happen enough? 

Understanding is definitely what you need to start your journey. Every growth journey entails course correction. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a coach. In a world where there is an explosion of information, the youth are better placed to take informed decisions today than they have ever been. A coach helps one pare the inessentials and guide an aspirant unerringly to his goal. A competent coach cuts out much of the trial and error and helps a student achieve quicker results. 

I can say with all honesty that Brigadier Sushil Bhasin's ideas work because I am witness to his magical touch as a coach at the Army Public School, Bareilly, which he changed forever with his vision, creativity and leadership. He educates, inspires and disciplines in equal measure with a ferocious commitment that does not flag till the goal is reached.Brigadier Bhasin is unique in that as a  teacher-trainer he remains an ever curious learner, which is, in my opinion, the defining and differentiating quality common to all extraordinary teachers.

I have seen him empowering students' body and mind by rooting them in a space within themselves, which allows them to take control of their own lives. He is a mind shaper par excellence who helps students strengthen their wings to enable them to soar unimpeded to new and unimaginable heights. 

I heartily recommend this book to students, parents, educationists and policy makers interested in happy, fulfilled and productive workspaces and a creative workforce that performs with passion by the heart and not by the clock.

Maj Gen SD Mahanti, VSM (Retd)
Former General Officer Commanding
Uttar Bharat Area
ex Patron Army Public School Bareilly

Why can only fast and consistent win the Race ?

The tortoises win only in fairytales. In life, they lose to smart hares who have speed on their side 

Slow and steady wins the race.



It is the fast and consistent who win.

A boy was running to Agra. Enroute, as he passed a saint under a tree, he paused. 
“How much time will it take me to reach Agra?”
The saint remained silent. 
The boy asked again.
The saint kept mum.
The boy, now impatient, asked yet again.
The saint did not utter a word.
The boy gave up and resumed his running.  
“You will take 45 minutes to an hour,” the saint said.
The boy was taken aback. "Why wouldn’t you say that the first time I asked you?” he asked.
“Because," said the saint, "you were expecting me to judge the time while you stood still. I have to how fast you run to know how long it will take you. If you keep standing and throwing questions at me, you will never reach Agra,” replied the saint. 

As in running, so in life, where you will reach, your achievements, depends on the direction. When you reach, depends on the speed at which you undertake your journey.

Speed is a force multiplier. It gives you better, faster results with the same resources. Speed sets the stage for success. Today, there is no success without speed. And speed includes speed of thought, speed of action and speed of adjusting to changes.

Here are some good reasons to add speed to your success mix:
Time is finite.  A day is 86400 seconds, and we cannot add even a second more to this number. Making the most of these seconds is the key to success. Speed helps you make the most of this limited resource.

Time is an equitably distributed resource.
 We can complain to God about how he made some rich and others poor. Some he made tall, others short. There are those who are good looking and others who are plain looking. But God gave everyone the same 86400 seconds. If you can do the same things faster, you can beat people with more resources in the game of life. 

Time rules competition. Be faster than your competition and you can beat them every time. The art of speed is the art of doing most in the least time. 

Time defines Success.  Speed of thought followed by speed of action determines success like few things do. 

Time is money. Those who do more earn more. Those who do more in less time have more time. More time, in turn, gives you space to do even more and thus earn more. Time is money and speed is the great money multiplier. 
The world is getting increasingly competitive. It was always true that the big eat the small. Today, it is equally true that  the fast eat the slow.
We are at the beginning of the year. Have you set your goals? If you have, please build in the time check. If not, ensure you validate the time required with the time available. 

Be fast. 

Overtake your competition  


December 31, 2016

9 Reasons why New Year Resolutions fail

Less than 2 % people in the world succeed in their New Year resolutions.
Here is why ….

1.    They assume desires are goals. Goals are well deliberated and planned. They are born out of intense desires but not all desires turn into goals. A desire is turned into a goal when it not just what the heart says but also validated by the mind and comes with a step-by-step road map that tells you how to reach the goal with the resources (time, health, money, network etc) at hand. 
2.   They treat a check list as goals.  Listing all that you wish to do is not the way to set goals or achieve them. 

3.   They bite more than they can chew. A few goals, well planned and deliberated, stand a better chance of becoming a reality than a catalogue of goals. One step at a time works much better. Trying to achieve multiple goals at the same time spells chaos and lands you nowhere.
4.   They lack will and determination.  Man is born lazy. Success comes from moving out of the comfort zone. This calls for action. It requires effort, grit and determination. 
5.    They give up.  When things don’t go as per plan, particularly unsound plans, they give up easily. That’s the point where extra effort can make things happen.


6. They don’t do a Time Check. This is the most critical. You can make resolutions but if you do not earmark the probable timeline for reaching each goal, you can go on forever and the goal may never be reached. You will need to consider the time available, and then work on it so that you have optimum time to reach each goal along with what you are expected to do everyday to reach the goal. You need to identify time wasters and handle them carefully.
7.   They do not prioritise.  Even when the goals are deliberately planned and set, you need to set correct priority. If everything is important and needs to be NOW, rest assured NOTHING will ever get done. Prioritise, if you want to reach your goals. The most important goals deserve the top slot.
8.   They think but don’t act.  Achieving goals calls for action NOT just thinking. You may think yourself to exhaustion but the best laid plans mean nothing till they are put into action. 
9.   They don’t write their goals. Strong mental goals have lower chances of success than Weak Written Goals. The trick is , “Think on paper.”  … not even on computer.

Of 10 % people who have goals only 2% have written goals.
You want to be in the 2% elite?  Join the DUMB* Club.


It is the most auspicious day to begin anything - NOW!
Share you goals with us and let me know if you get stuck.
All the best for a 2017 filled with success, abundance and happiness.

Have you stopped making New Year Resolutions because you could not achieve them in the past? 
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