May 12, 2016

Know Thy Neighbour

I have lived in Mumbai for over a decade now.
Something that I noticed right in the beginning, and have not  seen  change since then, is the way we live as strangers in our housing societies. I have often come across a complete stranger in the elevator and I discover that he/she lives in the same building. Isn't that sad ?
In today's networking culture, where we easily convert strangers, even those across seas, into friends on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter etc, we do not know our own neighbours. Our immediate neighbours are the ones who play a vital role in building our social fibre. They are the ones who will stand by us in case of need or emergency. I have always felt the need of knitting the residents of a society into a strong social bond.
"Knowing and understanding each other" is a strength that is seldom recognised and acknowledged. It is so powerful. You can leverage on the strength of all who live in the vicinity and use it for professional, personal and social benefit.
Imagine what happens when I run into a medical emergency. In panic, I call all over. I go to Saint "Googlacharya" or "Uncle Just Dial" because I did not know there is a doctor on the 14th floor of my own building ! or in another Tower of my society. Or even across the road in the next society.
In the good old days we lived in a "mohalla" concept. Everyone knew everyone. In the village we used to gather in the evening for a "Town Hall." Social media converted all this to a "Global mohalla" but somewhere we lost sight of our roots. We can get the best of both if we just awaken to this idea.
Yesterday, for the first time, I managed to make a small beginning. We took a baby step. We managed to collect 25 children of our society for a "Fun Camp."  We organised a simple but effective, low cost event, to let the children have fun and "know each other" better.  It has worked wonders. It is my strong belief that now the parents of these children will also 'bond' and get to know each other. Thanks to Mehul Nisar and his wife Sheetal for the unstinted support.
What we did was so simple.

Notices were put up on the notice board 2 weeks ago

We had close to 25 registrations.
At 6 pm the children gathered. They were formed into Teams and given a sticker on which they wrote their names, artistically. Then we engaged them in an ice breaker where they got to introduce themselves and know a lot more about each other than they knew before.
Knowing each other better

We then got them to play a game called "Frenzy."  They had lots of fun. And, along with fun what they learnt was "Collaboration." With this activity the message that was clear was of Abundance in the Universe. There is enough for everyone. We live in a "Win-win" world which is mistaken to be a "Win-Lose" world. Not that the children will not compete, but they will not compete whee collaboration may be a better option.

After Frenzy the children were allowed 45 mins in he swimming pool. 
A gala time in the pool

It was time for food. Children brought food from their homes and had a community dinner

And then came the time for the Grand Finale. Get Twenty. An activity the all said they enjoyed.  They were formed into 3 teams. The names the gave  he teams were -Funny Bunnies, Funky Monkies and Impractical Jokers. They were to get twenty items in twenty minutes. They had great fun. Besides, they understood some basic elements of Planning, time management, resource management, team work etc.

 The best part was the parent's participation. They also enjoyed the activities. Maybe they picked up a few lessons too.

May 05, 2016

Follow Up of Training Intervention

Knowing is Obsolete.
Success does not happen because of what you learn or know. It comes with what you DO with what you know or learn.
Knowledge is power only when applied.
After any training intervention, best results are achieved only when a training intervention a follow up process is planned and executed.
Its here, that the conscious mind relates training experiences to real life situations and development begins.

Here is an example of a Follow Up Session of an Outbound Training Camp conducted for the team of EVOK - a concern of Hindware Home Retail Pvt Ltd.

April 24, 2016

Want it? Get it ! A unique Goal Setting Workshop

Numbers were small.
Interaction was great
Engagement was intense
Commitment was high

... Thats how I would describe my feelings about the Goal Setting Workshop on 23 Apr 16

Getting down to converting Dreams into Goals
Breakfast over - time to Set Goals

Passing the Ring - An activity that brings out lessons on Goal Setting through experiential Learning

Commitment. A self imposed punishment for not achieving the goals

Hands down practical experience

A work book that will be a Reflective Journal. Your companion in achieving goals

We are committed to support each other in achievement of goals

Thats it.... we are bonded achieving goals together

A certificate .. to remind me of my commitment to achieve my goals 

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April 23, 2016

Battlefield to Boardroom "Role of Strategy in Corporate Environment"

A 2 hours focussed session on "Role of Strategy Formulation and implementation in the Corporate Environment" for the TOP management of Technova DPM

An intellectually stimulating session.


The word “Strategy” is derived from the armed Forces. It is defined as the “Art of deploying troops at the most advantageous place and in the most advantageous time before the commencement of operations. 
The emphasis is on “before the commencement of operations.”
It can also be understood as a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.
It covers the BIG picture involving overall military operations and movements in a war or battle. When we talk of strategy we refer to the achievement of a future desired goal.
Another definition is “The art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use. The term is derived from the Greek word for generalship or leading an army.”

What happens once the battle is joined is called “Tactics.”  It is an action art of deploying or re-deploying troops and conducting operations once the battle is joined or commenced, specially when in contact with the enemy.
Another way of looking at it tactics is a “means” of implementing or achieving a strategic plan. 
Strategy is “future” and Tactics is “present”
In an organization, strategy is decided by the board of directors, and tactics by the department heads for implementation by the junior officers and employees.

April 20, 2016

Your Goals make life worth living

Are you one of those who think you are working SO hard and not reaching where you will like to be?
Do you think your "luck" is not playing up?
Is your journey in life more of a struggle than a pleasure?
Are you moving from one job to another and not finding what you really want? 
Come to my workshop. I will help you discover the happiness you are looking for.

The workshop conducted on 19 Mar 16 was received very well and we got some excellent feedback

To know more please visit

April 16, 2016

Outbound Leadership Camp at Barog

Mission Recharge
A 2 days power-packed outbound camp was conducted for Evok (a unit of HSIL).
A dynamic, enthusiastic team determined to achieve great heights in 2016-17.
Pine Hill Eco Camp, Barog, is a wonderful place to be in. In the middle of Mother nature, this camp is beautifully laid out in Dense Pine forest One gets absorbed in its scenic beauty, peace and tranquility and lovely breeze.

April 11, 2016

Goal Setting - a Beaten Subject

Every one talks about Goal Setting. Thousands of articles and videos are up on the Internet making it a very common subject. I just searched "Goal Setting" on Google and in 0.64 seconds I find there are 4,70, 00,000 results.

What does this mean ? Has the subject lost its significance or relevance or importance ? or has it all increased.

I have a close friend who is a wonderful well wisher, too. She was helping me choose the topic for my next workshop. According to her, "Goal Setting" was too common, Its a 'ghisa pita' subject, she said. I found she was absolutely right. But she got me thinking. Is it also true that its largely spoken about because its becoming more relevant in today's environment. A deliberate thinking, thorough study and some brainstorming with a few friends, learned seniors and professionals, I arrived at the following conclusions.
  1. 'Stress' is a more talked about word than 'Goal Setting.' Its because of the work place pressures, added with domestic and social challenges, that have resulted in a high number of stress and depression cases.
  2.  Attention, Focus and Energy helps to drive to your targets, KRAs and desired Results in shorter time and with lesser effort.
  3. A systematic method of working, with some inherent discipline built in, helps in achieving goals. This automatically helps in reducing stress and raising the quality of life and the happiness index.
  4. Coaching helps. When the temptation of giving up becomes predominant, a coach helps you PUSH (Persist Unless Success happens.)
After conducting 4 Goal Setting workshops in the last few months I have learnt from my experience and feedback that this is one subject that can bring spark in your life.

More Reading ...
  1. Is your business poised for success? A Goal Setting Workshop. 
  2. Goal Setting Easy?

achieve, goals, KRAs, KPIs, Planning, Smartwork, Results, Systems

achieve, goals, KRAs, KPIs, Planning, Smartwork, Results, Systems

achieve, goals, KRAs, KPIs, Planning, Smartwork, Results, Systems

achieve, goals, KRAs, KPIs, Planning, Smartwork, Results, Systems

achieve, goals, KRAs, KPIs, Planning, Smartwork, Results, Syste

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